Get attractive breast by undergoing breast reduction surgery in Congo

female breast reduction congoA women’s breast is considered to be the most attractive part of the body, but sometimes after child birth or weight gain, it becomes heavy and drooping. A drooping breast never looks attractive. Excessively large breast causes pain, backache, physical impairment and physiological problems. So, one solution is to opt for breast liposuction or reduction. Child bearing, sometimes weight gain, and hormonal changes tend to change the structures of a women’s body. You should consult the surgeon in Congo before opting for the surgery.

Let us first explain the procedure of breast liposuction:

The best candidate for liposuction in Congo is a woman who has large deposits of fats in the breast area. Women who have passed through menopause typically will have breast that contain large proportion of fat than a women who is at a young stage. For thin young woman who has a breast containing more glandular breast tissue with little fat are often not good candidate for liposuction. Thin women with large breast have more glandular tissue rather than fats, which will not produce significant result with liposuction. The process during the breast liposuction uses general anesthesia to make you fall asleep throughout the procedure. Incisions are made around the nipple area known as areola. The incision is made from the bottom edge of the areola to the crease underneath the breast or horizontally beneath the breast, following the natural curve of the breast crease. The excessive breast tissue is removed without damaging the muscle and other glands. The use of microcannulas during breast reduction comes with the advantage of minimal post operative pain, quick post operative recovery, no visible scarring. The patient can return to their normal chores in no time.

The breast liposuction can reduce the size of an oversized breast by up to 50 percent. The breast is also lifted to give it a proper shape and firmness. The breast lift is the result of the removal of the excess fat tissues that gives it natural elastic properties to contract and produce elevation. The breast shape does not change after liposuction but becomes smaller and elevated. Results of the breast liposuction in Congo vary depending on the various body types, age, and other factors. Some women are likely to have better results than others. However, you should follow surgeon’s advice and follow proper diet. Exercise is very important if you want great results. Excessive exercise should be avoided immediately after the surgery. Just follow disciplined lifestyle for amazing results.

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